Friday, January 20, 2012

Penny Black Stickers

A couple weeks ago, Scrapbooking Made Simple, had a make and take using Penny Black stickers.  I fell in love with the stickers and have spent the last 3 days making cards using them.  From six sheets of stickers, I made 27 cards.  Some I used samples from the store, others I just put together.  These are just a few.  All of these cards and the other 17 are on their way to OWH for our heros to send home.


  1. These are stickers?!! Wow! Excellent job Margaret. I REALLy like the two flower "I love you" cards... they are beautiful!

  2. they make the best stickers don't they - great set of cards

    Barb Housner

  3. Marge... these are beautiful. I wouldn't have known they were stickers had you not said so.. such a nice set of cards.
    thanks for sharing ~ Pam

  4. Love your cards! Penny Black is awesome. Google "Inspired By" it's Jill Foster's own blog (Penny Black designer). She has lots of cool cards. I CASE her a lot even though her cards are way better than mine, lol!

    (I became a follower.)

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